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The four-point contact ball bearing is a type of separable bearing. It is a set of angular contact ball bearings that can support biaxial load. The inner ring and outer ring raceways are peach-shaped cross-sections. With no-load or purely radial load, the ball contacts the ring at four points. With pure axial load, the ball contacts the ring at two points and can withstand biaxial load. This type of bearing can also support torque load, having the functions of both single and double row angular contact ball bearing. Only when the two-point contact is formed can this kind of bearing work normally. When the two-point contact is formed, the four-point contact ball bearing is suitable for the purely axial load occasion or the combined load occasion (with the axial load greater than other load). This type of bearing has high speed limit, so it can be used in high-speed operations.

Main structural type

Four-point contact bearing with two-piece ring

QJ four-point contact ball bearing with two-piece inner ring and integrated outer ring (separable)

Needle roller bearing with cage and no inner ring

QJF four-point contact ball bearing with two-piece outer ring and integrated inner ring (separable)

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