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The clutch release bearing is one of the key automobile parts. With the development of automobile industry, many structural types of this bearing have emerged. The low-speed, outer ring rotating clutch release bearing unit with no self-aligning property, cast-iron sleeves or with the inner ring combined with sleeve, has evolved into the high-speed, highly reliable inner ring rotating bearing unit with self-aligning property, stamping ring and stamping sleeve or plastic sleeve. Both the weight and cost of the clutch release bearing have been reduced to achieve the production of standard, lightweight, reliable and long-life parts of the unit.

Main structural types

Ordinary (non-aligning) clutch release bearing

There are two main structural types of this product, namely, the stamping angular contact ball bearing with outer cover and the angular contact ball bearing with rubber seal ring on one side. The outer ring of the bearing rotates. This kind of bearing cannot be used alone and must be used with a cast-iron sleeve. It has been gradually replaced by the self-aligning clutch release bearing.

Self-aligning clutch release bearing assembly

The self-aligning clutch release bearing assembly has the features of automatic aligning, long service life and lightweight. It also has the function of reducing noise as well as wear and damage of the supporting parts. The core of the assembly is a set of angular contact ball bearings. Analyzing the material and performance of this product, its main features are as follows:
(1)A nylon cage is used by the angular contact ball bearing to isolate and guide the steel ball. Lighter than the traditional steel cage, the nylon cage has nice self-lubricating property which enables it to function reliably even with poor lubricating conditions.
(2)From the kinematic perspective, the inner ring rotating, self-aligning clutch release bearing is better than the outer ring rotating bearing since it avoids the centrifugal effect caused by the rotating outer ring to the grease.
(3)Both cast iron and the GFPA66 can be used as material of the sleeve. Compared with cast iron structure, the GFPA66 is much lighter. Since the plastic has good sliding performance, there is no need to use grease lubrication between the sleeve of release bearing and the aluminum alloy front cover guide bush. A Conventional clutch using grease lubrication often becomes the gathering place of dust and abrasive grains. When the temperature rises, incrustations are formed and block the release bearing on the front cover guide bush. A plastic sleeve only has a small amount of dry sliding friction with metal front cover guide bush, thus can completely remove the defect of using grease lubrication.
(4)Rubber seal rings are used in the bearings, which can prevent the leak of grease more reliably than the steel stamping outer cover.

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