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Radial Needle Roller and Cage Assembly
NRB radial needle roller and cage assembly is an independent bearing unit, each needle roller of which is precisely guided and held by cage. We not only apply profile modification design to the outside surface of needle roller so as to eliminate the edge stress in the process of using, but also adopt special processing method to make the surfaces of the end part smooth in order to improve the running performance and the service life to a maximum extent.

Thrust Needle Roller Bearing
NRB thrust needle roller bearing is composed of thrust cage assembly with needle roller or cylindrical roller and corresponding thrust washer (as needed). The needle roller and cylindrical roller are held and guided by thrust cage. When the thrust cage assembly is used with different series of NRB thrust washer, it can provide many different options to configuration of bearings. Since we choose high precision cylindrical roller to increase the contact length, the bearing can have high load capacity and high stiffness in a small space. If the surface of the neighboring components is suitable for ball track, the washer can be omitted.

Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearing
NRB drawn cup needle roller bearing has several structures such as one with open end and one with closed end. The height of its radial cross section is small. The outer ring and cage are manufactured in the way of metal stamping forming. The outline surface of the needle roller of the bearing is designed with profile modification, which can efficiently avoid producing damaging edge stress. Lubricating hole can be set on the outer ring of the bearing as needed in order to lubricate the bearing. We can also provide open-end and closed-end bearings with oil seal device to deal with the situation of unable to install oil seal because of space limit. We can fill lithium grease of good lubrication and rust protection in between.

Entity Bushed Needle Roller Bearing
NRB can provide needle roller bearing with entity inner ring and/or outer ring. In technological terms, if the ball track surface of shaft or hole can get quenched and grinded, then needle roller bearing without inner ring or outer ring can be arranged. As for bearing requiring high precision, NRB can provide needle roller bearing without inner ring (or outer ring) so as to reduce the tolerance of inscribed circle (or excircle).

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