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The number of enterprises in the bearing industry has increased dramatically.

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According to the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the recommendation/nomination of the 2019 Annual Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology)", the basics of the 2019 Annual Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology) Project declared by our unit The situation is publicized on the Internet and the publicity time is from May 20 to May 24, 2019.

In recent years, the overall production scale of the domestic bearing industry has continued to expand, and the number of bearing companies has increased dramatically. Nearly half of the nearly 2,000 companies are large companies.

Since 2014, the domestic hardware bearing industry has been developing slowly, and the bearing technology and equipment technology level is low. Many large bearing enterprises still regard traditional equipment as the main production force.

The overall speed of China's bearing industry development is actually not fast, but with the development of the market, users have higher and higher requirements on the accuracy, performance and types of bearing products, which has also evolved into a huge increase in the demand for high-end bearings. In order to meet this demand, the bearing industry should vigorously improve the level and quality of bearing products.

There are still many problems in the industry related to the bearing technology and many other problems have not been broken. If the current bearing product level and quality want to improve, we must also pay attention to the improvement of steel quality, and do research and development of lubrication, cleaning, abrasives and other related technologies. However, these related technologies have not met the requirements.

As a basic industry developed by China, the development speed of the bearing industry is not fast, but it already has a large production capacity. The national policy has given strong support to the development of the bearing industry. Under such circumstances, the economic scale of the bearing industry is gradually increasing. In today's information age, the bearing industry wants to further develop and will inevitably enter the Internet e-commerce market.

Entering the Internet e-commerce has also opened up a new market space for the bearing industry, alleviating overcapacity in the bearing industry.

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