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Available Dimension Limit

Minimum inside diameter of auto bearing: 10mm; Maximum outside diameter of auto bearing: 200mm;Maximum outside diameter of wind power and engineering machinery bearing: 2500mm.

  • 产品概要: Presently substituting hydraulic release bearing for ordinary mechanical release bearing is an unavoidable trend. Hydraulic release bearing replaces lutch slave cylinder, mechanica...
  • 产品概要: It is usually composed of outer ring, steel ball, retainer and inner ring. The product is characterized by high precision and high stiffness.
  • 产品概要: Product components: It is usually composed of outer ring, inner ring, steel ball, and retainer. The product is characterized by high precision and high stiffness.
  • 产品概要: NRB radial needle roller and cage assembly is an independent bearing unit, each needle roller of which is precisely guided and held by cage. We not only apply profile modification ...
  • 产品概要: The engine located at the heart of automobile is in pursuit of high performance such as high output, low fuel cost and low noise as well as of being environmentally friendly.
  • 产品概要: Cylindrical roller bearing is usually guided by the two ribs of one bearing ring. Cage, roller and guiding ring form an assembly. This bearing is usually separable bearing. The ins...
  • 产品概要: Tapered roller bearing is mainly applicable to bear radial and axial joint load based on radial load. But steep angle tapered roller bearing can be used to bear radial and axial jo...
  • 产品概要: The first-generation hub bearing,The second-generation hub bearing,The third-generation hub bearing
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