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The engine located at the heart of automobile is in pursuit of high performance such as high output, low fuel cost and low noise as well as of being environmentally friendly. The cam and rocker for switch-on and switch-off of valve in a normal way play an important role in absorbing and discharging the fuel and burning gas in the engine. The cam is a mechanism keeping rotating. The former sliding block rocker force was transferred to rocker from cam, which was called “sliding contact”. Now it is replaced by “rolling contact” with smaller friction, which is needle roller rocker equipped with needle roller bearing. Compared to sliding block rocker, this one lowers the friction loss by about 8% and increases the fuel utilization ratio by about 3%. With special processing to the surface, it also improves the maintenance of lubricating oil, and realizes the leap in extending the service life of contact part. It makes a great contribution to our orientation of realizing no maintenance of auto parts and components.

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