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Changzhou Guangyang Shares won the title as outstanding company for management innovation in Jiangsu

Number of visits:549 Date:2023-04-19

According to the "Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on the recommendation/nomination of the 2019 Annual Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology)", the basics of the 2019 Annual Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award (Science and Technology) Project declared by our unit The situation is publicized on the Internet and the publicity time is from May 20 to May 24, 2019.

To get hold of situation and tasks confronting company reform and innovation under the new normalcy of economic development, exchange and promote practice and experience of company management in Jiangsu, spur all-out implementation of innovation-driven strategies and boost modernized level of management, Jiangsu Company Management Innovation Convention was grandly held in Nanjing. Changzhou Guangyang Bearing Limited Liability Company assigned representatives to attend the meeting. The meeting conducted in-depth exchange and discussion on how to pass management innovation, boost development quality and efficiency.

Guangyang Shares was awarded as ‘Jiangsu Outstanding Company of Management Innovation, 2016’ by Jiangsu Economy and Informationization Committee. Obtaining of the honor indicated that the concept of improving development quality and efficiency was extensively acknowledged. By continuing to adhere to transportation and upgrading for spurring strategic development, the Company combines with its own actual situation, carries out careful conclusion, makes sustainable improvement and constantly implements and develops innovative activities on company management.

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